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We started processing payments in 2005. Our founder, Chris Leedom, had worked as a consultant with thousands of small to medium sized business owners from across the country. During this time he observed many clients that were simply ignored by “big box” credit card and ACH processors and banks. As a serial entrepreneur with several successful start-ups he saw opportunity.

Paymaxx Pro’s first product was ACH Collector. This product was designed to process recurring and one-time ACH payments. Based on ease of use and exceptional service, clients asked us to handle their credit card processing. So we did. Then they asked us to provide other world class payment processing solutions like secure web-pay portals, pay-by-phone solutions and text-to-pay capabilities and reminders. The bottom line is these products are best in class because they have been developed 100% by our in-house technology team. Every product we offer was built from the ground up based on the unique needs and specifications of our merchant-clients. Additionally the Paymaxx Pro suite of solutions is integrated with many software providers, serving different industries such as automotive, insurance, and similar industries where there is a high-volume of single and recurring payments. Chances are if you process payments, we can help you handle any volume more efficiently.

From our first payment transaction in 2005 to today we have processed billions of dollars in credit card and ACH payments. As a result of our high-volume and direct access as a registered ISO, we are able to provide the most competitive pricing for our clients.

Our goal is to offer a suite of cutting edge payment processing solutions coupled with the best service in the industry. That is why we have been recognized with award after award.