faster payments

The Faster Payments Task Force, a coalition of more than 300 diverse payments industry stakeholders, published the second part of its report for spurring the U.S. toward a safe, fast and ubiquitous payments system on Friday. The Federal Reserve assembled the task force to help identify and evaluate alternative approaches to implementing safe and faster payments capabilities in the United States. The Faster Payments Task Force was first convened by the Fed in May of 2015. ETA’s SVP of Government Relations, Scott Talbott is part of the Take Force and Amy Zirkle, ETA’s VP of Industry Relations plays a role on the Secure Payments Task Force.

“As the voice of the payments industry, ETA is honored to participate in the Faster Payments Task Force,” said Scott Talbott, SVP of GR for ETA. “We hope these recommendations lead to a faster U.S. payments system in the next three years”

The Task Force has outlined a series of ten recommendations:

  • Establish a faster payments governance framework.
  • Establish faster payments rules, standards, and baseline requirements that support broad adoption; safety, integrity, and trust; and interoperability.
  • Assess the payments regulatory landscape and recommend changes to the regulatory framework.
  • Establish an inclusive directory working group to identify and recommend a directory design for solutions to interoperate in the faster payments system.
  • Enhance Federal Reserve settlement mechanisms to support the faster payments system.
  • Explore and assess the need for Federal Reserve operational role(s) in faster payments.
  • Recommend, develop, and implement methods for fraud detection, reporting, and information sharing in faster payments
  • Develop cross-solution education and advocacy programs aimed at awareness and adoption.
  • Conduct research and analysis to address gaps in cross-border functionality and interoperability.
  • Continue research and analysis on emerging technologies.

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